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Energy Saving Clean-Air Machine

Mathew Johnsson, University of Copenhagen.Industries across Europe are threatened with shutdown as European Union emission rules for Volatile Organic Compounds are tightened. Now an air cleaning invention from the University of Copenhagen has proven its ability to remove these compounds. And in the process they have helped a business in Danish town Aarhus improve relations to angry neighbors.

Inventor, Copenhagen chemist Matthew Johnson, presented evidence for the air cleaning invention at the conference "First International Education Forum on Environment and Energy Science". Read the full story | More News »»

Petrol worse than Diesel

Petrol worse than Diesel
The exhaust fumes from petrol vehicles contribute more secondary organic aerosols (SOA), a health hazard.

Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification
As atmospheric CO2 increases, so does the rate at which it will dissolve in seawater, forcing surface ocean pH lower and lower.

Mother Nature in charge

Mother Nature in charge
A 15-year study confirms that Mother Nature does it best when it comes to ecological restoration of wetlands.

Image of the Day: Melt Ponds

Image Credit: NASA photograph by Kathryn Hansen
As ice melts in the Arctic Ocean, the liquid water collects in depressions on the surface and deepens them, forming melt ponds. These fresh water ponds are separated from the salty sea below and around it, until breaks in the ice merge the two.

Biodiversity: Seed Freedom

Amazing Amazon

Climate Change







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